Official Helm repository for Estafette

Welcome at the official Helm repository for Estafette.


To start using the Helm charts from this repository run the following command

helm repo add estafette

To update and view all available charts in the repository run

helm repo update estafette
helm search repo estafette

From here on you can install or upgrade helm charts as follows

helm upgrade --install estafette-ci estafette/estafette-ci --namespace estafette-ci --wait
helm upgrade --install estafette-cloudflare-dns estafette/estafette-cloudflare-dns --namespace estafette --wait
helm upgrade --install estafette-letsencrypt-certificate estafette/estafette-letsencrypt-certificate --namespace estafette --wait
helm upgrade --install estafette-gke-preemptible-killer estafette/estafette-gke-preemptible-killer --namespace estafette --wait
helm upgrade --install estafette-k8s-hpa-scaler estafette/estafette-k8s-hpa-scaler --namespace estafette --wait
helm upgrade --install estafette-gcp-service-account estafette/estafette-gcp-service-account --namespace estafette --wait
helm upgrade --install estafette-gcloud-quota-exporter estafette/estafette-gcloud-quota-exporter --namespace estafette --wait
helm upgrade --install estafette-google-cloud-dns estafette/estafette-google-cloud-dns --namespace estafette --wait
helm upgrade --install estafette-gcloud-mig-scaler estafette/estafette-gcloud-mig-scaler --namespace estafette --wait
helm upgrade --install estafette-gke-node-pool-shifter estafette/estafette-gke-node-pool-shifter --namespace estafette --wait
helm upgrade --install estafette-vulnerability-scanner estafette/estafette-vulnerability-scanner --namespace estafette --wait
helm upgrade --install estafette-k8s-node-compactor estafette/estafette-k8s-node-compactor --namespace estafette --wait
helm upgrade --install k8s-node-termination-handler estafette/k8s-node-termination-handler --namespace kube-system --wait

Local testing

If you’d like to test these Helm charts on your local machine first, follow the instructions below.

Prepare your Mac to run minikube with the following steps

brew install minikube
brew install hyperkit
brew install kubernetes-helm

Configure some defaults for minikube (optional)

minikube config set vm-driver hyperkit
minikube config set cpus 2
minikube config set memory 16384
minikube config set disk-size 50gb

Start minikube with RBAC enabled and configure Helm

minikube start --extra-config=apiserver.authorization-mode=RBAC
kubectl create clusterrolebinding add-on-cluster-admin --clusterrole=cluster-admin --serviceaccount=kube-system:default
kubectl -n kube-system create serviceaccount tiller
kubectl create clusterrolebinding tiller --clusterrole=cluster-admin --serviceaccount=kube-system:tiller
helm init --service-account tiller --wait

From here on you can follow the steps as documented in the installation section above.


Chart Description
estafette-ci Estafette CI/CD, the resilient and cloud-native CI/CD platform
estafette-cloudflare-dns Kubernetes controller to set and update dns records in Cloudflare for annotated services and ingresses
estafette-letsencrypt-certificate Kubernetes controller to retrieve and renews tls certificates from Letsencrypt for annotated Kubernetes secrets
estafette-gke-preemptible-killer Kubernetes controller to spread preemption for preemtible VMs in GKE to avoid mass deletion after 24 hours
estafette-k8s-hpa-scaler Kubernetes controller to set minimum replicas from a Prometheus query on annotated HorizontalPodAutoscalers to avoid collapsing deployments in case of errors
estafette-gcp-service-account Kubernetes controller to fetch GCP service account keyfiles for annotated secrets
estafette-gcloud-quota-exporter Prometheus exporter to turn Google Cloud quota into Prometheus timeline series
estafette-google-cloud-dns Kubernetes controller to update dns record in a Google Cloud DNS zone for annotated services and ingresses
estafette-gcloud-mig-scaler Controller to scale a Google Cloud managed instance groups based on request rate retrieved from Prometheus
estafette-gke-node-pool-shifter Kubernetes controller that can shift nodes from one node pool to another, to favour for example preemptibles over regular vms
estafette-vulnerability-scanner Kubernetes controller to scan any used container image in a cluster for vulnerabilities
estafette-k8s-node-compactor Kubernetes controller to assist Cluster Autoscaler in compacting nodes more efficiently
k8s-node-termination-handler Helm chart for Google’s k8s-node-termination-handler to cleanly shutdown preempted preemptibles